To Art of Italicus (AOI) Aperitivo challenge γεννήθηκε το 2018 και αποτελεί ένα μέσο έκφρασης της τέχνης των bartenders. Τα cocktails.

To Italicus καλεί κάθε χρόνο bartenders από όλον τον κόσμο να συμμετάσχουν στον διαγωνισμό ενός πρωτότυπου Aperitivo Cocktail εμπνευσμένο από οποιαδήποτε μορφή τέχνης.

Ο Ελληνικός τελικός θα διεξαχθεί τον Απρίλιο στην Αθήνα & η/ο νικήτρια/τής του διαγωνισμού στην Ελλάδα θα:

  • κερδίσει τον τίτλου του Έλληνα νικητή
  • διαγωνιστεί στον παγκόσμιο τελικό στη Ρώμη
  • γνωρίσει τον δημιουργό του Italicusκαι τους άλλους νικητές από όλες τις χώρες, σε ένα μοναδικό ταξίδι στην αιώνια πόλη (το οποίο θα καλυφθεί από την PR Hellas)

Ο μεγάλος νικητής του παγκόσμιου τελικού τον Μάιοθα είναι ο Italicus Bar Artist για το 2024 και κερδίζει:

  • ένα mentorship program με τον Julio Cabrera στοcafé La Trovaστο Miami, ένα από τα world’s top 50 bars

Πως κερδίζεις;!

1) Δημιούργησε ένα μοναδικό aperitivo cocktail το οποίο θα:

  1. είναι εμπνευσμένο από οποιαδήποτε μορφή τέχνης
  2. έχει minimum 40 ml ή 1.5 oz Italicus Rosoliodi Bergamotto
  3. συμπεριλαμβάνει μία βρώσιμηή λειτουργική γαρνιτούρα

2) Ανέβασε τη συνταγή σου μέχρι τις 20 Φεβρουαρίου στο:

3) Κάνε share τη συνταγή του cocktail σου και την έμπνευση για αυτό από το δημόσιο προφίλ σου στα social media χρησιμοποιώντας τα hashtags: #ITALICUS  #ROSOLIODIBERGAMOTTO  #ARTOFITALICUS  #AOI24



London, 9th January 2024. This year, The Art of ITALICUS Aperitivo Challenge returns for its sixth edition, inviting bartenders from around the world to create an original and unique aperitivo cocktail inspired by any form of art and crafted using ITALICUS Rosolio di Bergamotto.

The Winner of the renowned industry challenge will be crowned ITALICUS Bar Artist of the Year 2024 and win a trip to Miami for a once in a lifetime mentorship program with Cafe La Trova by Julio Cabrera. Nominated in 2023 as one of the Worlds 50 Best Bars, Cafe La Trova is the true embodiment of hospitality, welcoming guests with impeccable warmth, attention to detail and service, crafting a truly memorable experience for anyone who visits. The “cantinero culture”, which is synonymous with the venue, embraces the most important values of the cocktail industry, making it the perfect inspiration for the new Art of Italicus participants. As part of the prize, the 2024 ITALICUS Bar Artist will have the opportunity to experience what makes this bar truly special and discover one of the most vibrant art cultures in Miami’s iconic surroundings.

Reflecting the brand’s passion for Italian art and design, The Art of ITALICUS Aperitivo Challenge is built on the belief that bartenders are artists and offers them the opportunity to expand their creativity whilst experimenting with new ingredients, techniques and glassware to showcase the versatility of ITALICUS. Each recipe must be in an aperitivo style and can be inspired by any form of art such as sculpture, painting, fashion, music, architecture and much more.

The competition will welcome entrants from 13 countries including Croatia/ Slovenia, France, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Swiss, United Kingdom and USA. Bartenders from other countries will be able to apply through a Wild Card entry, offering them the opportunity to win a spot at the global final in May in Rome.

Giuseppe Gallo, founder and CEO of ITALICUS, comments: “Now in its sixth year, The Art of ITALICUS Aperitivo Challenge celebrates aperitivo culture while encouraging bartenders to express their creativity, looking to art in its various forms as way of inspiration. Meeting with the industry’s emerging talent through this program gives me a great deal of pride and is something I hope continues for many years as a way of keeping our community connected, working together and empowering one another.”


The 2024 Competition

Competitors are tasked with creating an original aperitivo cocktail using a minimum of 40ml (1.5oz in US) of ITALICUS Rosolio di Bergamotto and a maximum of five ingredients. Participating bartenders must upload their unique recipe alongside an image of their creation including measurements, garnishes and glassware recommendations to the competition website before 20th February 2024 in order to be in with a chance of winning. Competitors are also required to share their inspiration and the story behind their aperitivo cocktail and encouraged to suggest food pairings for their recipe.

Applications for The Art of ITALICUS Aperitivo Challenge 2024 will be open from 9th January through to 20th February. Recipes can be submitted via the website:

Entrants are also encouraged to share their creations on social media ahead of the competition, using the following hashtags: #ITALICUS #ROSOLIODIBERGAMOTTO #ARTOFITALICUS #AOI24

National Finals

The national finals will take place throughout March and April (4th March – 12th April) where the eight shortlisted bartenders will present their cocktail creation to the judging panel across eight minutes and including at least three serves. The winner of the national final will receive the title of ITALICUS Bar Artist of their country 2024 along with a ticket to participate in the global final which will be held in Rome.

Global Finals

On 12th May, the national finalists will compete against one another in Rome in a bid to earn the coveted title of ITALICUS Bar Artist of the Year 2024 as well as a once in a lifetime opportunity and mentorship with one of the world’s most influential bars, Cafe La Trova by Julio Cabrera. During the trip to Miami, the winning bartender will be accompanied by a film crew who will document their experience and create a documentary video which will later be released on social media.

For further information on The Art of ITALICUS Aperitivo Challenge, please visit