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Tasting Day #6 The Scapa Journey

The The Tasters Club “opened sails” and continued its journey into the world of tasting. At Tasting Day #6 we visited the Orkney Islands and we visited the Scapa distillery, Scotland’s 2nd northern distillery. With the eyes of our imagination, we saw images of the North Sea, ocean, fishing boats, seagulls, as if we were on one of the 70…

Tasting Day #5 Hidden Gems of Scotland vol 1

HIDDEN GEMS OF SCOTLAND VOL 1 Most people have come to know and loved the whisky by the great and famous labels, but in the course of this wonderful tasteful search, we discover treasures in unknown or lesser known distilleries. HIDDEN GEMS, which have not been widely recognized by the general public, for one simple reason. Commerciality. At Tasting Day…

Tasting Day #4 Robert Burn’s Night

Every January 25, Scotland celebrates the birth of their national poet, Robert Burns (or Rabbie Burns). Our Scottish friends celebrate eating Haggis (their national food), drinking whisky, reciting poems and listening to bagpipes. We had a  “flavor” of this evening  in Tasting Day #4. A special tasting took place at Robert Burns Night 2016 to celebrate the poet, celebrate the…

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Tasting Day #3 The Laphroaig Journey

At Tasting Day #3 we visited Scotland and the Islay Island and visited the Laphroaig distillery. One of the most favorite distilleries for lovers of malt whisky. They even call themselves “the most richly flavored of all Scotch whiskies”. The distillery, which has already completed 200 years of operation (founded in 1815), is known not only for its quality intense peat whisky,…

Robert Burns Night. Poetry, Whisky & Haggis!

O Ρόμπερτ Μπερνς είναι ο εθνικός ποιητής της Σκωτίας. Γεννήθηκε σε ένα μικρό αγροτικό χωριό, το Αλλογουέι, κοντά στην πόλη Άυρ, στις 25 Ιανουαρίου του 1759. Ο πατέρας του ήταν γεωργός και για το ίδιο επάγγελμα προοριζόταν κι ο Ρόμπερτ, ωστόσο εκείνος κατόρθωσε να μορφωθεί μελετώντας μόνος του, τόσο Άγγλους ποιητές και συγγραφείς όσο και την…

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Tasting Day #2 The Jura Journey

The Tasters Club continues its journey into the world of tasting. At the second Tasting Day, we visited the Scottish West Coast and the lonely Isle of Jura. Lonely because it is bordered on the south by Islay Island with its eight distilleries, it has only the homonym distillery, a lonely road, a village (Craighouse) and a single…

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Tasting Day #1 The Glendronach Journey

The Tasters Club began its journey into the world of tasting. Our first Tasting Day was basically a test. To learn what and how we can do so, to offer what we have in mind. We chose two Glendronach labels, but we also added a third bottle along the way… for a good start! Thought became reality, the will became…